A Winning City

A Winning City

One of the most outstanding works of the XX Cemex Works Awards is City Government of the State of Zacatecas. Proudly Mexican and designed by one of the national firms with a long history, this work at the service of the public administration marks an important benchmark for architecture.

The Ciudad Gobierno project is located north of the city of Zacatecas, on the Cerro del Gato property and is spread over 29 hectares of which almost 16 are built, which house a dozen buildings with a constructed area of ​​159,247 m2 where the harmony of the whole is one of the most outstanding conceptual foundations.

Resolved in radial axes referenced towards the cusp of Cerro del Gato, with a concentric arrangement, the government buildings are located, such as: Secretariat of Planning and Regional Development (Seplader); Secretary of Economic Development (Sedezac); Audience; Legal coordination; Cadastre; Comptroller; Integral development of the family, Public works; Health Secretary; institutes building and parking building, all of them forming a functionally effective interrelated set that stands out for its implicit hierarchy, located in the highest part of the mountain.

According to Arditti Arquitectos: “Conceptually, the architectural language of buildings was timeless, foreseeing that over the years it maintains an image that is always current. For this reason, they are simple volumes with large openings and massifs in clear reference to their orientations. The large windows that have sunshades and “overhangs” to reduce the entry of thermal load into the buildings during peak hours and thus use less air conditioning. All this with the intention of taking care from the inside of the offices of the best visuals to the outside and to the natural context on the outskirts of Zacatecas. We were very interested in the architectural design having a contemporary modern character, looking for a clean context and dialogue between the buildings with the purpose of aging with dignity over time ”. Conditioning factor in which they also worked since in case of requiring future extensions it is totally feasible to carry them out.

Inside, the finishes have “the highest quality, so their maintenance costs are minimal. Comfort - one of the most important aspects - is achieved through lighting designed according to each space and the air conditioning inside the buildings is divided by sectors according to the activity that takes place in them ”, say its creators.

State of the art technology

Among the avant-garde techniques that were exercised in the construction of Ciudad Gobierno Zacatecas, they are having generated in three dimensions the planimetry of the property and strategically placing the rudeness of the different buildings taking advantage of their best natural location and proximity between the different dependencies, thus allowing , having a minimum earth movement and in turn relocating the displaced material on the property without having to send it to some landfill.

The aforementioned study also made it possible to design the roads and pedestrian communication throughout the project with better angles and location, favoring accessibility that, since it was a public building, should be required to move comfortably in it. To this end, there were additionally walkers with a minimum slope, outdoor lifts, bridges and ramps as well as parking spaces with reserved drawers, service areas and commercial areas for the disabled. In this way, a perimeter vehicular road runs through the entire complex while pedestrian circulations are interrelated with the most important radial element that connects most buildings: the La Quemada walker, which makes an obvious reference to the archaeological zone located 56 km south of the city and is adorned (on its three levels) with sculptural elements in apparent concrete, landscape architecture and water mirrors.

In the exterior design elements and spaces alluding to historical and cultural aspects of the state such as its colonial buildings and its most outstanding activity: mining, were harmoniously and efficiently integrated. It is worth mentioning that all these areas have scenic lighting that accentuates and frames relevant architectural details, as well as the appropriate decision to enlarge the range of action of the project by integrating the complementary urban equipment in a comfortable and functional environment that integrates services such as internet wireless, public telephony, service kiosks and ATMs. A fact that should be underlined is that the work contemplated the use of unique plant species and characteristics of the region; They were extracted from the property and placed in a greenhouse nursery for later use. Of the species that were already on the property, around 12,000 specimens were rescued, of which 95% were replanted.

Majestic city

According to Arditti architects, “the construction of the complex was carried out with the highest standards, which is why the buildings that comprise it are classified as A +, due to their finishes, services, facilities, spaces, architectural design and infrastructure. For the design of the project, the most prestigious firms in the country and abroad were used, in areas that range from the integral design of the project to landscape architecture, engineering, management and financial, administrative and legal advice ”.

Taking this into account, CEMEX represented the ideal brand to materialize the correct construction of each sector, be it architectural (walls and apparent structure) or engineering (parking lots, tunnels and roads), where 45,141 m3 of concrete equivalent to 7,523 stirring pots. In this sense, although the concrete has a notable presence, together with the modulation system used, the result becomes round and fully favorable: “From the conception of the architectural and structural project, the spaces were modulated in multiples of 1.22 mx 1.22 m in order to reduce the waste of materials and increase the economy of the work. This modular structural design allowed the generation of well-defined gaps and contributes to the economy of the complex, while the vertical modulation is 1.22 mx 2.44 m, generating a height of 4.88 (two modules) from finished floor to finished floor, making it feasible to install glass 1.22 mx 2.44 m and precast concrete panel modules on the facades of the same dimension, which represented a quick placement and a greater progress of work; easy cleaning and maintenance.

The concrete also served to build the main support of the hydraulic network of the entire complex: a large cistern of approximately 450,000 liters located at the highest point of Cerro del Gato, with its presence it dispenses with some type of hydropneumatic equipment, since the network is filled by gravity.

Well deserved

The Ciudad Gobierno project is a trigger for a new development pole in the north exit of the city of Zacatecas, which is generating a relevant social impact since the proliferation of new businesses around this complex is now a reality. With this, it also contributes to the improvement in the quality of life of the users because as stated by the Arditti architects: “It is definitive that the user with this project has the tools and the adequate space to carry out their functions, since the offered area is the result of a careful analysis of the activities to be carried out by the public administration. We believe that working in a decent space guarantees greater productivity and as a consequence greater personal and professional satisfaction ”.

Winner of the First Place in the Services and Public Assistance category and Third Place in the Congruence in Accessibility category within the most recent CEMEX Works Award ceremony, this work endorses the deserved pair of awards that were recently awarded, which may not be the the only one you receive in your history.